Always On It – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Episode 1 - Winter Is Coming, OnDoc & OnCBD are Ready

Always On It Episode 1 

Welcome to the Always On It show, with host Robert Wilson.  This show focuses on helping OnDoc and OnCBD Members become more educated, grow their businesses, and staying engaged in industry updates.  

Episode 1 discusses the importance of plugging into the Tuesday Night Always On presentation.  The fastest way to grow your business is to invite others to see the opportunity.  Always On Live will be shown on the following platforms starting on 9/22/2020. 

  1. OnLive Vimeo Page – Best viewing experience and will include interactive games, questions, and quizzes.  Click Here
  2. OnLive – This is found on your unique Always On CBD Page.  If you are an OnDoc Member you have an OnCBD replicated website page.  It’s extremely simple to use just type in the same username for your OnDoc replicated page and add after.
  3. Youtube – You can access our OnDoc Youtube page here. 
  4. Facebook Live – Telagraph – You can access the Telagraph Facebook page by clicking here.

CEO Robert Wilson discusses the 5 reasons every Always On Member should be more excited now then ever before.  You can view a copy of this episodes materials below.  


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