Cannabis Legislation – OnDoc CEO Robert Wilson

The Owner Of OnDoc, Robert Wilson, is expecting major announcements regarding cannabis legislation. One of the very few things that most certainly divided the opinion of society is the legalization of industrial hemp. What was once considered as a substance as equally addictive and harmful such as LSD, Ecstasy, and heroin, today, on the contrary, the latest studies have proven the number of benefits and advantages that come with its usage.

It was almost forgotten that the hemp crop was broadly used in almost every household until the early 20th century. Specifically, in 1937 when a proclaimed law was to blame for its growth limitations – the hemp plant was defined as a narcotic drug. Furthermore, somewhere along the road, as the years went by in 1970, it became a federally controlled substance in the Schedule I. Making policies based on fear rather than on knowledge and understanding the differences between marijuana and hemp led to this standstill.

What is the difference between the hemp plant and marijuana?

Although both of the plants come from the same Cannabis family, they are completely different. Their main difference lies in their chemical composition. As we already know, marijuana is strongly linked to nausea and vomiting, red eyes, and the distinct “high” feeling, all happening because of the high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) on average 5-20%. On the contrary, the hemp plant can have as much as 0, 3% negligible amount of THC. It contains another substance called CBD, held accountable for its miraculous benefits and the CBD oil invention. Other than this, the hemp plant can be used in various skin products, food, clothing, and even construction.

On the Road to Legalization

The outdated law that we spoke about is just a minor obstacle that can`t persist when technology and knowledge thrive above it all. People, unlike the government, don’t stay ignorant of all the benefits of the hemp plant. Sooner or later, Congress is about to see it all too since consumers all across the United States of America are already spending millions to purchase products imported from the foreign-produced hemp plant.

These are the reasons why changes are on the way with the U.S. Senate`s deal to meet and discuss the removal of the hemp plant out from the Controlled Substances Act`s definition as marijuana since they are two completely different things. This year, The Farm Bill can prioritize and emphasize hemp legalization for other significant changes to occur. We mustn’t deny the benefits and the number of usage opportunities offered from the hemp plant but rather seize and accept what nature has to offer.

As the long-awaited reform “cooks on the stove,” hemp farmers and processors are eagerly waiting for the change that might be “the next big thing.” There is no doubt that many challenges lie ahead of them, the production, controlling the quality, the purpose of it (food, clothing, health products), and finding the rightful market for sale.

The Economic Importance

Despite all the health benefits, we mustn’t forget about all the changes that the hemp plant and hemp products could have on the growth of the economy.  It is estimated that the global cannabis market is about to reach $31 4 billion by 2023.