Chanelle Wilson

Chanelle Wilson – Up & Close Interview

Chanelle Wilson Gives Amazing Interview

Chanelle Wilson delivers a powerful message to women across the world by teaching the importance of owning your own business while being a mother.  Her husband Robert Wilson is the founder, owner, and CEO of OnDoc but don’t let that fool you, she is the real boss of their household and business.  She is an inspiration for all women all over the world.   

Chanelle focuses on positivity and creating an environment for success.  She is one of the leaders for the Influential Women Of OnDoc, and helps other women accomplish their goals.

“Being a full-time mother and an entrepreneur is very taxing on your mental and physical health.  I am trying my best to find the balance while starting my own business.”  Prior to becoming a mother, Chanelle proudly worked in corporate American and always rocked red lipstick, a stylish dress, and heels on every occasion.  Embracing her newfound role as a mother came with playdates, new cohort groups, and other unexpected issues.  It was then that she started noticing more and more mothers were dealing with the same problems across the world.  Chanelle wants all women to live their best life, be authentic to who they are, and set new social norms to be fabulous! 

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