Disrupting the Direct Sales Industry – Featuring Robert Wilson

OnDoc CEO Robert Wilson - Disrupting The Sales Industry

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Over the past few years, we have seen several companies emerge and completely disrupt industries, displace the way things have traditionally been done, and change the expectations that consumers have for certain services. Large companies in well-known industries, like the music industry and taxi services, have been completely displaced by disruptive technologies and companies who don’t do things following the traditional model.

These trends have shown that any industry is ripe for disruption, and companies that want to stay ahead of the trends must innovate or die.

No longer will the status quo be good enough. After all, you can’t be neutral on a moving train. The direct sales industry is no different. Affiliate companies, social media influencers, and even companies like Uber have emerged as great opportunities for a “side-hustle.” These opportunities have shown some of the potential flaws of traditional direct sales and are pushing the industry to improve. Technologies have emerged that have helped increase the speed of displacement. Direct sales, often considered the original side gig, must in turn innovate and be open to disruption or it will be left behind. My recent conversation with Robert Wilson, owner and founder of On-Doc, touched on this very subject: the fact that direct sales companies must disrupt, or they will be disrupted.

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