Robert Wilson OnDoc

Important Letter to OnDoc Leaders

OnDoc remains committed to positively focusing on and helping others during this difficult time that our nation is facing.

Hello OnDoc Leaders,

OnDoc was formed in 2018 from the desire to provide healthcare access to the 100’s of millions of people throughout the United States who had no healthcare, limited access to healthcare, or were seeking a convenient, simple, and affordable way to access a physician from home utilizing today’s technology. The goal was to be a viable and trustworthy solution to assist. In light of the economy, the rapid uptake of direct selling, and millions of people also seeking another way to earn additional monthly income; we chose to provide a path to avoid traditional marketing and advertising expenses in order to provide income directly to our OnDoc Members. We have been extremely successful in our primary mission. Has OnDoc been perfect or not made mistakes? Of course not. We continue to learn and grow daily.

Since inception, OnDoc has expanded our offering of a complete bundle of health services to benefit our customers and members while maintaining the monthly user cost. We have also added an alternative health division to include a line of CBD products that also benefits our Members medically and financially. There are more growth areas planned for the upcoming years. These initiatives, websites, data management, back-office services to our Members, etc. come at a considerable expense.

We are extremely confident that meeting our primary objectives would lead to helping people nationwide on multiple fronts and achieving overall business success. We did not, however, anticipate the actions of others to engage in an ongoing campaign of harassment, lies, and libelous claims to defame the company’s reputation and other acts that we now realize are criminal in nature. In recent weeks OnDoc has come under fire by a few disgruntled and misguided individuals whose sole intent is to destroy OnDoc and the reputation of the organization’s leadership. So far this has primarily been conducted through social media but has now escalated to personal phone calls and texts to some of our Investors, Members, and family members. We have chosen to not engage with these individuals on social media to refute as well as provide evidence to dispute their accusations of which many are totally false. The downside is that it does not allow you to see, hear, and fully understand our side of the story. Instead, we have chosen to contact the local and federal authorities, legal counsel, The United States District Court, and others to name a few. Full investigations are being completed and legal actions will be taken against these individuals.  If you have been contacted, messaged, or have had any communication with anyone that wants to hurt the organization please let us know.  

People have different reasons and agendas for their actions. While personally damaging and taking valuable time and resources away from accomplishing the goals outlined above, we at OnDoc continue to pray for those individuals as they choose to focus their energy and effort towards these negative and horrible acts. We ask for your patience and understanding over the next few months as law enforcement, federal authorities, and our legal counsel have asked that we refrain from addressing publicly especially while the local and federal authorities are conducting their investigations. OnDoc remains committed to positively focusing on and helping others during this difficult time that our nation is facing.

Respectfully with Love,

Robert Wilson OnDoc CEO