OnDoc Gifting Free Healthcare Service For 50 Families

OnDoc Wants To Help Those In Need

OnDoc would like to provide our healthcare service for free to 50 deserving families across the country. If you are not familiar with what services OnDoc provides please click here or watch the video below.

OnDoc was born out of an increasing need for simple and low-cost options for getting access to healthcare. While OnDoc is not health insurance, our goal is to provide an easily-accessible way of getting medical advice. With or without insurance, OnDoc gives you access to speak with a doctor on your own terms and get the help you need with no hidden costs. OnDoc is available 24/7. So when your questions and needs can’t wait, neither will you. 

How To Apply?

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability, and share this page with anyone that you feel could benefit from receiving free healthcare. After we gather all the applications, we will get in touch with those who applied. Please only apply if you truly need this service, we would like to help those who can benefit the most.

Thank you to all of the applicants. The application form was closed on September 7th, 2018.