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OnDoc Helps Even With Medicare – Mindy’s Story

Another amazing success story from ondoc member Mindy Hobson

Sometimes OnDoc works in ways that even we can’t imagine. It’s an amazing service for people who don’t have insurance for sure. But it’s also a necessity for people who are covered by Medicare and medical insurance. OnDoc is proving to be an inexpensive supplement that continues to come in handy for so many of our customers and members!

Read Mindy’s story below:

“OK so this just happened, My mom had knee surgery on Monday of this week and I took her to her doctor because part of her incision was not healing correctly. On that visit they determined that she has the start of a bladder infection. They told her she needed to call her primary care physician for a script, so she did. Then when she called them they told her that she needed to come into the office that they need to do a culture and that it would take up to 24-48 hours at least in order for them to determine if they were going to send in the script.

Now mind you my mother can barely walk, because of her surgery and they are making her come into the office to pee in a cup so that they can determine if that’s exactly what she has and then they will send in a script probably 48 hours from now. So I told my mother to hang up the phone we’re just gonna call OnDoc! So I brought my mom home put her in a comfortable chair and we called OnDoc and within literally 20 minutes we spoke to a doctor and they called in a script for a bladder infection.

Serious folks I can’t say enough about this service! It is amazing and worth every penny! Let me know if you’re interested! Got her script and it was all of $5!! WIN/WIN!!”

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