OnDoc is “Rubel Strong”

Lauren Rubel is an inspiration and true hero using the power of positive energy, love, prayer, and medicine to beat her cancer twice. 

At 73, she is a retired business owner, wife, mother, grandmother, and genuinely loved by all who know her. Lauren was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma back in 2009 and used the power of positive energy, love, prayer, and medicine to beat her cancer twice. 

When Lauren learned about OnDoc in October, she knew it would be of great benefit to her personally. She used Doctors Online many times to get trustworthy answers to her medical questions. She used Health Advocate Solutions to learn what her insurance did and did not cover, and she used Teladoc when her husband was sick and avoided an unnecessary trip to Urgent Care.

Lauren Rubel

Lauren started telling her friends about how OnDoc helped her, and they soon began asking her how they could join because they wanted to have better access to healthcare as well. Lauren loved hearing about the positive experiences her friends were having with OnDoc, and she felt great that she was a part of making life better for them. And just like that…Lauren’s passion to make a difference in the world through OnDoc was ignited.

When Lauren invited her friends to an informal gathering to hear more about why she was so excited about OnDoc, they were happy to attend. In fact, Lauren hosted OnDoc’s first meeting, and filled the room with about 40 people. 

The real magic happened however, when Lauren got up in the front of the room and spoke from her heart about why OnDoc was so important to her at this point in her life. She shared that OnDoc was not just going to help her physical health, but it was also going to help her financial health. Lauren believed the monthly income she would receive by simply sharing OnDoc with others was going to give her great peace of mind in her retirement. She was genuinely excited that she would be earning this income by truly helping others. 

Lauren Rubel

Lauren’s OnDoc team began to grow as a friend told a friend, and she felt energized. A few weeks later, Lauren learned that her lymphoma came back again, but she felt empowered by her new-found passion, and she was determined to be a pioneer and beat cancer once again. 

This week Lauren received CAR T-cell therapy, which is a breakthrough immunotherapy that will hopefully lead to a cure. Lauren was determined to get to OnDoc’s first leadership position while she was receiving her treatment and prove that this cancer was not going to get in her way! And that’s exactly what she did. She signed up her 9th and 10th member from her hospital bed! And she is still going strong. 

Yes…Lauren is a true inspiration, and we are so proud to have her on Team OnDoc!