OnDoc List Builder

No Judgement, No Fear. Write down every name that comes to mind.

Earlier this month we shared our tips for creating a solid list of prospects in our post titled “top 8 memory joggers – how to create your ondoc list”. This week we are sharing a helpful list building template that will assist you in organizing your contacts based on their level of interest.

For each person you add to your list, think about how they might respond to being an OnDoc member or customer, and assign them a letter:

A – Yes! Sign me up!
B – Sounds Interesting, tell me more.
C – No way, you’re crazy for doing that.

Start with the “C” people. Consider them as practice. You know they are going to say “No” to the opportunity, they might even say “No” to being a customer, but they might be willing to tell you someone who would be interested.

They might even surprise you and say, “Yes”.

You have nothing to lose by asking, nothing changes if they tell you “No”, just move on to the next person on your list.

Print several copies of this PDF so you can keep adding people to your list, continuously adding will ensure that you never run out of people to share with. If you do run out, start over at the top. Now might be a better time.

Download the List Builder Template