OnDoc – Major Announcement Coming In January

Momentum Is Building At OnDoc and things are about to get a whole lot better!

Things are about to get a whole lot better for OnDoc Members coming in January 2019.  OnDoc currently offers healthcare services for everyone in your household for only $30 per month.  These services include unlimited use of Telehealth, Doctors Online, Health Advocate Solutions, and Pharmacy Savings.

OnDoc Members also have the opportunity to share these services with their friends and family to earn a recurring monthly income. While OnDoc doesn’t officially launch until April 2019, that is not stopping their current members from using these services and sharing them with others. “I just can’t believe how fast OnDoc is growing,” said CEO of OnDoc Bill Wilson. “It’s incredible to see how quickly OnDoc is changing the dynamic of healthcare in the United States.” 

If a recent article from Healthcare Informatics is correct, OnDoc Members should be extremely excited as 2019 approaches. If their Members can educate the masses in the United States about the benefits of using Telehealth, OnDoc could potentially help revolutionize the healthcare industry forever. 

OnDoc dee a doctor 24/7