Robert Wilson OnDoc CEO

Robert Wilson of OnDoc Expects Massive Growth!

Robert Wilson of OnDoc is back with a bold new plan to shake up the healthcare industry!

Robert Wilson of OnDoc is back with a bold new plan to shake up the healthcare industry!

Telehealth is changing the way people manage their own health and now their wealth as well. Robert is at it again and he has a proven track record for changing things up in the network marketing industry. In his role as OnDoc CEO, Robert is taking his experience as one of the most innovative forward-thinking minds in the Network Marketing industry since 2011 when he joined Top 50 Network Marketing Company in the World: Stream Energy and applying it to the healthcare industry.

Much of Robert Wilson’s success with OnDoc is attributed to the Stream family of associates – but special recognition goes to owner Rob Snyder, Bouncer Schiro, Renee Hornbaker, Pierre Koshakji, and Greg Martin. During his tenure with Stream, Robert quickly promoted to Director of Field Sales & Operations where his team immediately improved customer count acquisition over 2 years and provided critical contributions as a subject matter expert with all compensation plans and sales technology. He focused primarily on giving the field of over 300,000 associates what they needed to succeed, which was accomplished primarily through support, training, and event development.

Transitioning from the energy sector to healthcare has its advantages, Robert has found that he can apply networking marketing strategies in a fresh new way to an industry that has never experienced the type of growth projected to take place because of this proven marketing strategy. Telehealth has been around for more than a decade. It has only been available through employer plans as an added benefit, until now. Today’s healthcare system and rising costs put unnecessary stress and constraints on families and individuals. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

OnDoc offers affordable, accessible healthcare services and products that can relieve the stress of time and money when it comes to getting the care you need.

  • The average family of four spends $2,347 a month on healthcare costs.
  • 75% of all doctors’ visits can be handled effectively on the phone or through video chat.
  • Patients spend 121 minutes per doctor visit; 84 minutes in the office, and 37 minutes in travel time.
  • The number of people turning to telehealth services is rapidly increasing.

We go beyond better healthcare, OnDoc gives you a way to make your dreams a reality with the choice to start your own healthcare business. Not only are we bringing network marketing to healthcare, we are bringing a fresh new approach to networking marketing. We are confident in the straightforwardness our compensation plan offers to people who simply share OnDoc.

What makes OnDoc different from other network marketing companies?

  • $30/month for OnDoc services for your household
  • $35/month to be a member and refer others (includes your monthly service)
  • $5/month pay out for every customer and member on your team regardless of title
  • Get rewarded as you grow with us – bonuses, incentives, and FREE services

The telehealth industry is forecasted to grow from $10 billion to $20 billion dollars in the next few years. It’s staggering to think where we will be in the next five years as people experience the benefits technology has made possible with 24/7 access to top notch medical professionals without the commute, added office expense, or the long wait time. At OnDoc we are confident that we are here at the right time and with the right opportunity. We are here with the right mission, “promote a healthier, happier quality of life” for all.