Telehealth: Helping You Schedule Your Doctor’s Visits Over Video or Phone

One of the most annoying parts of being sick – minus the actual act of being sick – is the fact that you have to leave the comforts of your home to receive medical care.  Telehealth can help.

You’ll have to fill out all kinds of forms, not to mention the long hours in the waiting room that could be spent in bed trying to get better. There is some good news though, with access to telemedicine you can get a 24-hour doctor just by making a simple video call. OnDoc is the solution.

This growing use of telehealth is all part of a larger healthcare trend that aims to place patient experience and care at the forefront of their treatment decisions. 

Telehealth ensures that everyone can receive the proper care at the proper place and at the proper time. It aims to achieve this by increasing the access to specialists and regular physicians. The use of telemedicine has continued to increase in the US as more people learn about it and realize having access to a 24-hour doctor beats sitting for hours in a waiting room by several miles.

Here’s a look at some of the benefits telemedicine offers that are leading to its rapid growth.

  1. Patient Demand
    The increase in demand for telemedicine is one of the reasons for its rapid growth. People are aware of its usefulness and are spreading the word. Telemedicine biggest impact is felt by the patient, their friends and family, and their communities. Using telemedicine services reduces cost, stress on the patient, and travel time. Several studies have documented patient support and satisfaction for telehealth services. These services provide patients with access to healthcare providers – that would usually not be available – as well as excellent medical services without the need for the patient to travel long distance.

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  2. Cost Efficient
    One of the reasons why funding and the adoption of telehealth services began was so that the cost of receiving healthcare could be contained, if not reduced. Telehealth is known to increase health care efficiency while reducing the cost. This is achieved through a shorter stay at the hospital, lesser travel times, easy access to health professionals and better management of chronic diseases.

    With telehealth, patients are connected to essential healthcare services they need through wireless communications, video conferencing, electronic consults, and remote monitoring. This means that patients can get remote access to their care team and remove any barriers to care that may exist.

  3. Improved Access
    For more than four decades, telemedicine has been bringing healthcare services to patients in distant locations. Apart from improving access to patients, telehealth also helps health facilities and doctors to expand their reach beyond the doors of their office.
  4. Improved Quality
    Several studies show that the quality of healthcare provided via telemedicine is as good as those that you’ll receive in a traditional in-clinic consultation. In some cases, such as ICU care and mental health, telemedicine delivers better care with higher patient satisfaction and greater care.
You can get 24-hour access to a wide network of doctors and receive health care wherever and whenever.

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