The Pros of Telemedicine to Busy Workers

Trying to fit a tooth cleaning or a much-needed physical into your already busy day can be its own headache.

Trying to fit a tooth cleaning or a much-needed physical into your already busy day can be its own headache. But thanks to telemedicine, a lot of workers are able to receive the health care they need from the comforts of their office desk. Telemedicine aims to improve the access and the convenience of a lot of healthcare elements. So if you are in a jam and you need to see a doctor just before that important business trip, or you’ve been finding it difficult to get a specialist, then telemedicine is the way to go. Here’s a look at 6 benefits you can enjoy with telemedicine.

The Pros Of Telemedicine
  1. Convenience
    If you’ve ever tried to pencil in a lunch-hour visit to the physician then you know what a challenge that can be. Worst of all, you’ll probably have a meeting that’s already going to take up all your afternoon, so at best you have an hour to spare. Telemedicine eliminates all of that and makes it easy to speak to your doctor. If your regular physician provides telehealth services, then you can follow up on a diagnosis or prescription through web chat, video calls or on the phone.

  2. Spend less time waiting
    Most doctors’ visit seems to take forever and more than half of that time is spent in the waiting room. A visit to the doctor means sitting in a crowded waiting room hoping it soon gets to your turn to see the dentist or primary care physician. Most workers rarely have the time to spend sitting in a crowded waiting room, but with telehealth, the entire waiting process is eliminated. All it takes is a few simple steps to get yourself registered with your preferred telemedicine provider and input your health history. Once that’s done, you’re ready to get the care you need.
  3. Less Expensive than Traditional Healthcare
    A growing number of doctors that offer telehealth care are charging less for it than they would for an actual in-clinic visit.  For those living in rural communities, telemedicine also helps to cut down on travel expenses. Now they can get essential health services from the comfort of their living room without having to travel hours out of their way to a good clinic.

    According to a recent study by the Affiliated Workers Association, more than 70% of doctors’ visits can be taken care of on the phone. The key selling point to telemedicine is the convenience value it offers which is why more than 36 million Americans are using telehealth in one form or another.

  4. Easy to Get a Second Opinion
    After going into the hospital for a visit, and getting all the necessary X-rays and MRIs, the physician diagnoses you with a thyroid condition. But now you want a second opinion, but all the late nights in the office and deadlines to meet up have made it difficult to schedule another visit. One of the many features of telehealth is that it improves the communication between medical practitioners and patients. You can just easily mail the X-ray or MRI to a specialist and get that second opinion you’ve been waiting for.
  5. Your Privacy is Assured
    Telemedicine complies with HIPAA laws that aim to prevent the leaking of secure or private medical documents. Most people would be hesitant to talk to their physician on Skype about their personal medical history fearing that is unsafe. You can rest assured that telemedicine is private and safe.
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