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Types Of Visits That Are Perfect For Telemedicine

Even with all the benefits of telemedicine, the truth is that not every doctor-patient interaction can be carried out remotely.

In some cases, the only way to give the patient the best standard of care, and give out a proper diagnosis, is to carry out a close physical examination. That being said, there a still a good number of interactions where On-Doc will be more effective for both the patient and the physician. In this article, we’ll look at some visits that are better with telemedicine.

  1. Follow-Up Visits
    If you’ve been diagnosed for any type of acute condition, then chances are the injury or infection requires two or more follow-up visits to make sure that the patient is healing as expected. Follow-up visits also give patients the chance to deliver a progress report on the healing process. It also gives the specialist or physician the opportunity to offer additional recommendations. For most conditions, follow-up visits can be conducted virtually. Using a telemedicine service to arrange a follow-up visit will increase the likelihood of the visit happening as planned.

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  2. Medication Management
    A good number of people are on medications (sometimes several) like blood thinners and anti-depressants. These medications usually require frequent adjustment and close monitoring. Since no physical exam is usually required, you are better off making a video call using telehealth technology.
  3. Chronic Disease Management
    The percentage of people in the US suffering from one type of chronic illness such as high blood pressure, IBD, congestive heart disease has been rising rapidly. Most often, treatment and monitoring of these patients can be carried out with telehealth technology. As an added advantage, it also helps to reduce the load on already sick patients and it also improves the patients’ health and quality of care by ensuring that patient and doctor are closely connected and able to work together.
  4. Lifestyle Coaching
    Telemedicine is also a useful tool for those providers working with those aiming at a weight loss goal or trying to quit smoking. They can have regular communication with the patient and provide guidance and support remotely. This also eliminates the worry that the patient will cancel on an appointment.
  5. Sharing Test Results
    Why stress yourself trying to schedule a visit just so you can share a test result with the doctor? Instead, use telemedicine technology to communicate the result with your physician and receive effective recommendations remotely. 
  6. Chronic Care Management (CCM)
    Telehealth technology gives you video visits that make it easier to manage patients that need the most medical care such as patients with multiple medical conditions.
  7. Allergy, Cold, or Flu
    Flu, cold and allergies are highly contagious ailments so instead of keeping such a patient in your waiting room, you can schedule a video visit, carry out an initial consult, and determine if they need to be examined physically. Most cases of flu, cold, and allergy, including handing prescriptions and follow-up care can be handled over video.
  8. New Parenting Questions
    As a new parent, you and your baby will have more appointments with the doctor in the first year than any other year. However, any question or situation that comes up between visits can be handled with visual feedback thanks to telemedicine technology.