Albie Delgado – Believer

Albie has been in sales for about 25 years, selling everything from Kirby vacuum cleaners to water conditioners. This longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan was intrigued by OnDoc as a new and different opportunity from most products. “There were a lot of aspects of the business that really impressed me, particularly the ability to help people who are in need,” says Albie, who recently promoted to Believer.

“I don’t even consider this sales; it’s more of educating the client and going over all the benefits.”

Of all the OnDoc services, his favorites are Health Advocate Solutions and Doctors Online. “Being able to email a doctor any medical question, whenever you want? That’s great,” he says.

Albie has lofty goals for his OnDoc career: “Within two years, I’d like my team to be a Trailblazer,” he says. Along the way, he’s looking forward to using his OnDoc income to save for retirement and vacations, and participating in some of the incentive programs, such as the car. Says Albie, “I love being rewarded for doing my job well.”