Bill Marler – Believer

A seasoned network marketer, Bill Marler wasted no time promoting to Believer. It took him only 48 hours! With telehealth being in more demand than ever, Bill was looking for a new opportunity and found OnDoc while searching online. After speaking with the OnDoc leadership team, he was soon onboard. He’s excited about the opportunity that OnDoc presents and is looking to put his team building expertise in place and watch it grow.

Bill lives in Toms River, New Jersey and enjoys spending time with his 18-year-old twin daughters. Growing up on the Jersey shore, he says he “can’t be away from salt matter no matter where I live.” He loves spending time at the beach, cooking and dining out. Bill has been a financial planner since 1997 and in recent years has become more engaged in internet marketing and list building. “I’m a true, blue entrepreneur,” he says. Being his own boss all these years has enabled him to spend more with his daughters who he cites as his greatest accomplishment.

He has already used OnDoc Teladoc services and has been happy with what he’s seen.

“A lot of us don’t like waiting on appointments. OnDoc is perfect for those who are impatient like me,” he says.

Twin daughters Jess in yellow and Adrienne in stripes.

It’s also an essential service which many people need right now, he adds. Bill hopes to go all the way to Trailblazer in record time: “If I give things the varsity try, I don’t fail.”