Cameo Goodwin – Believer

Introducing one our newest OnDoc Believers, Cameo Goodwin from Concord, North Carolina, USA. Cameo really understands what it means to have a heart of service, she became part of OnDoc because she believes in the service and the vision. “I spent years with inadequate healthcare and struggled with resources. When I found out about OnDoc, it took less than 5 minutes for me to decide this is what I wanted for me and for my family but most importantly for others who felt the same as I did when it came to the struggle of getting great healthcare. I wanted to help those around me.”

Here’s what Cameo has to say about her favorite OnDoc Service: My favorite is Doctors Online because there are several options of doctors and it is so private. I was going through a hard time physically concerning my diet and mentally due to a personal hardship earlier this year. The online nutritionist and therapist were amazing! They answered all my questions, were extremely patient, and helped me with my health better than any other doctor. Cameo is a 33 years young single mom, raising two boys 16 and 6. She has a background working with children, the elderly, managing clothing stores and running her own hair business. While still working with a few select hair clients, Cameo is focused on OnDoc full-time. Her reason for this life shift “I have always dreamed of working from home and now I get to do so. I have a flexible schedule conducive to my children’s needs. I like the initial cost to join and the impact it makes on other families.”

Cameo loves to read, write, spend time with her boys, watch football and basketball, and spend time with God. When asked what she does for fun, she shared this: “I love singing and dancing with my two boys! I love hanging out with my friends, and family.Sitting at the pool with a good book is an all-time favorite for me. I also like adventure sometimes… a good hike is amazing for me. Taking photos, and modeling…writing poetry or doing speaking are also some things I enjoy.”

Congratulations to Cameo Goodwin, OnDoc Believer!