Christina McDiarmid – Believer

Shuttling around her three kids to three different schools and activities,  Christina McDiarmid can see the benefits of OnDoc services like Teladoc.

“It’s convenient and saves time,” she says. “And for me, time is very valuable.”

She heard about the OnDoc business opportunity a couple of times before she understood that it was a good fit for her busy life. “I needed a side hustle to make some extra money,” she says. “I have big goals!” She’s already checked one of those goals off her list: Achieving Believer status.

Currently she works as a special education aide at a middle school but wants to eventually leave the job to be at home with her kids and available for field trips and other activities. She hopes that OnDoc can become her main source of income. “I like to talk,  so this is easy for me,” says Christina. “I can hold a conversation with just about anybody and can learn enough about them to tell them how great OnDoc would be for them. I was on a girls’ trip recently and was even selling it to people in the airport!”

Christina loves to travel — her favorite destinations so far are Indonesia, Singapore, and Guatemala. In addition to her kids, aged 9, 12, and 15, and her husband of 16 years, she shares her life with two dogs and two cats.