De’Andrea Jackson – Believer

De’Andrea attended one of the first OnDoc events, and today is proud to be a Believer. She was impressed by Robert’s integrity and the value of the product. What’s more,

“This service is something that everyone can use and have access to; it’s easy to talk about,” she says.

Training and coaching is De’Andrea’s passion. With a 20-year career in education and corporate training, De’Andrea now is enjoying the freedom of owning her own business and creating her own income. In fact, she hopes to educate and empower the next generation through a nonprofit she’s starting that will help middle schoolers learn about entrepreneurism and creating a business.

In her free time, De’Andrea loves thrifting, hiking, and trying new activities. Most recently she went to a shooting range, and discovered a hidden talent: a steady hand! “When they saw my mark sheet, the staff thought I was lying when I said I’d never held a gun before!”