Dorothy Green – Believer

holistic health practitioner for more than 20 years, Dorothy initially joined OnDoc to help her patients. She especially loves being able to contact dietitians via OnDoc to get valuable information about dietary needs for folks with certain conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

“But all of the services that OnDoc offers are great — the whole package is awesome,” she says.

One of OnDoc’s newest Believers, Dorothy is engaged, with three kids between her and her fiancé, and loves to do Crossfit training and compete in Spartan races while she’s not working. She’s also working on starting a nonprofit that will help people in need obtain holistic or medical healthcare, an endeavor that’s being funded in part with the income she’s earning with OnDoc.

Dorothy particularly enjoys the outreach she’s done at local colleges to help students understand that running an OnDoc business could be a helpful way to earn money while getting started in their careers. Her advice to them, or any new OnDoc Members: “Just follow where it takes you, and see what doors open up,” she suggests.