Emily May – Believer

“I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie — fast cars and life-threatening sports, like skydiving!” says Emily May. It makes sense, then, that having health care on the fly would be attractive to her.

Emily, who until recently lived in Australia, first heard about OnDoc from an old friend, and attended an informational luncheon while visiting the U.S. “My three-week holiday turned into 12 weeks, and I decided to stay in the U.S.,” she explains. “I went back to Australia, sold my business, sold my car and my JetSki, and came back to America.”

Now she’s traveling around the U.S. growing her OnDoc business, and was recently promoted to Believer. “I’m all about carving my own path,” she says.

Emily loves to share information about OnDoc’s 24/7 doctor access. “That’s the service I’ve used the most personally,” she adds. “Since I’ve been in the U.S., I’ve been traveling around and it’s great to have the flexibility of using it in different places.”

For Emily, OnDoc gives her flexibility and freedom. “For me, it’s a vehicle to go on and work on my other goals,” she says.