Jane Butler – Believer

Retired from the insurance industry, Jane is living her best life on the beach where she enjoys swimming, boating, birding and picking up shells. She and her husband of 30 years, Joel, recently moved to Clearwater Beach from Lakeland, Florida. Long-time Floridians and rival Florida football fans, she and Joel have two grown children and four grandchildren. They enjoy traveling and especially going on cruises. Jane likes to say she is on “permanent vacation,” although she’s actually been busy at work growing her OnDoc business and recently promoted to Believer. Way to go, Jane!

Jane got involved with OnDoc after a family member shared it with her.

“It’s really an awesome concept and service for our country to help us deal with the healthcare crisis,” Jane says.

She also notes that even though she and her husband have Medicare, OnDoc services have still been useful for them. Teladoc, especially, has allowed them to get quick medical care without having to drive and wait around on an appointment.