Jay Armstrong – Believer

A small business owner and family man, Jay found the OnDoc opportunity to be a natural fit. In fact, it’s a family affair as he and his wife of 15 years, Andra, were both recently promoted to OnDoc Believers. They enjoy the “healthy competition” as they grow their OnDoc businesses together. The two have six children between them ranging in age from 24 to 5. And the family is growing still, as their first grandchild is due this winter. 

Jay owns a construction company and does mostly residential general contracting work in their hometown of North Augusta, Carolina. He was first attracted to the OnDoc opportunity as a solution for his small business. He provides his employees with OnDoc services as it is much more feasible than providing full healthcare coverage. “It’s a way that I could give my employees some sort of benefits and still stay in business,” he says. 

With such a busy schedule, there’s not a whole lot of time for hobbies, but Jay does enjoy building furniture and pieces for their home. He and his large extended family also enjoy taking a trip to the mountains each year. 

“We love the service and opportunity. I like the ability to help other people with this service, but I also like the ability to generate income,” he says about OnDoc.

He and his family have most used the Teladoc service, but as someone who understands the challenges of working within a tight budget, he sees that Health Advocate Solutions could be quite valuable for many members. He’s excited about the opportunities that OnDoc presents and looks forward to climbing even higher in the ranks.