Kristen Benjamin – Believer

As a nurse practitioner, Kristen Benjamin has seen firsthand how OnDoc can benefit people from all walks of life. And her conviction in the power and future of telehealth services is what drew her to joining the OnDoc family, where she’s already been promoted to Believer. She lives in North Augusta, South Carolina but sees patients all over the state of Georgia. 

“I have patients that come from two hours away, and they tell us how hard it is to get to their appointments,” she says. “I love to tell them how they can email specialists online who can tell them whether they really do need to see a doctor.”

She’s been able to benefit from OnDoc’s Teladoc service personally when her daughter gets strep throat and she’s able to get a diagnosis and a prescription even while on vacation. “Not having to go to an urgent care that our insurance doesn’t cover is awesome,” she says.

Kristen also loves the potential difference OnDoc could make in the lives of others who join the business. “It’s an awesome opportunity to make some side money and help your family, especially for, say, single moms who don’t have much of an income,” she notes.

Kristen is married and has two teens; the eldest just started college. Her husband helps her with the business. When she’s not working or traveling to see their extended family in Michigan, she loves to hike and go on mission trips. She’s already been to Haiti, Guatemala, and Jordan, and hopes one day to go on a mission to Africa to work at a medical clinic.