Lucien Goode – Believer

Get to know our newest OnDoc Believer, Lucien Goode from Charlotte, North Carolina. Lu is a goal-oriented Serial Entrepreneur who values time and people. He loves to read and travel and when he isn’t doing one of those, you’ll most likely find him at a favorite restaurant doing his other favorite thing… eating. As a Rental Property Owner, Credit Repair Business Owner, Executive Project Manager, Community Volunteer, and Leader for a weekly Virtual Bible Study called Stolen Lunches, Lu certainly leads a very full and active life.

When asked why he joined OnDoc his response was, “Honestly, because I can see the vision of what OnDoc is trying to do. I didn’t need too much talking after that.” Lu’s favorite OnDoc service is Teladoc. He loves the fact that it gives him the time freedom he values so much. The strong value he places on time freedom is evident in the emphasis he puts on giving back to his community and his desire to help people find the best version of themselves.The culture of the company, people helping people, a company completely vested in the success of members and customers alike, combined with the mission to change the way healthcare is done one person at a time, is why Lu is all in with OnDoc.

Congratulations on promoting to Believer, Lu!