Mindy Hobson – Achiever

Newly promoted to Achiever, Mindy has been a part of OnDoc from the ground up and truly believes in the company’s mission. Her passion for health care advocacy comes in part from her own experience with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She learned that researching and learning more about holistic treatments, along with maintaining a positive attitude was an important part of her own care. She loves that she can help provide people with access to affordable, quality healthcare and provide solutions to healthcare challenges they may face.

“I like having a positive effect on people and engaging with people to help them to see the positive in any situation,” she says.

Mindy lives in Millersville, PA with her husband and 10-year-old daughter. She loves to be with friends, cook and be creative. “I’m always reorganizing and decorating in my house,” she laughs. She also enjoys traveling to the beach. She and her husband just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Key West.

“The OnDoc service I’ve probably used the most is Teladoc because everything in my house happens at 2 in the morning,” Mindy says.

She also really likes Doctors Online and has been able to reach out to alternative practitioners for advice.

Marketing a new service to potential clients can be scary when first starting out. Mindy’s advice: “Take the fear out of things and don’t be afraid to share this amazing opportunity with people. Even if they say no, come back in 6 months. It’s a brand new company and new platform for healthcare and you have to help build trust.”