Shelly Carter – Believer

Shelly keeps busy with her own T-shirt business; serving as CEO of Film Shockers, her son’s film production company; and working as the office manager for Trinity Home Care. But she’s also managed to pursue her OnDoc career with enough dedication to become one of our newest Believers!

“I think OnDoc is going to be a great opportunity for me to grow with the company and make some extra money, providing a service that people need,” she says. “OnDoc is especially great for people with children. You don’t have to pack up the kids and sit in a waiting room with all those sick kids!”

Shelly herself has already used Teladoc three times. “I love the way you can just call on the phone, talk to a real doctor, and get your prescription, all in a matter of less than 30 minutes,” she says.

Shelly, who is married with three grown sons and lots of grandkids, is looking forward to enjoying the residual income from her OnDoc business to travel and achieve other life goals. Her advice to other Members? “Be patient, you’ll get there. You’ll get the nos, but you’ll also get the yeses.”