Shenita Spruell – Believer

Shenita calls OnDoc “the answer to my prayers,” for two reasons. First, her health conditions require lots of attention but also make it exhausting to go to the doctor. “Doctors Online gives me the opportunity to [get in touch] with doctors whenever I need it, and I don’t have to pay the co-pays or wait in a waiting room,” she says. Shenita is currently in college for health information management, which adds to her stress, and some of the alternative medicine and psychiatric offerings are helping her address that.

Second, she values the opportunity to make an income, since her health has prevented her from working a traditional job in more than 20 years.

“Having a side business gives me money to do things for myself that I enjoy, to treat myself,” she says. And working in the healthcare industry is right up Shenita’s alley: Not only is she studying to get a job in the medical industry, but her early career was as a clinical technician. “I love this field, I never want to leave it!” she says.

When she’s not studying and working, Shenita and her husband of 16 years enjoy spending time together, whether it’s seeing live music, taking art classes, visiting the local zoo, or doing volunteer work.