Tosha Jordan – Believer

Tosha’s four daughters, ages 8 to 20, are her driving inspiration to be an entrepreneur. “My motto for the year? To be a Girl Boss, to show them that women can do it too.” With her recent promotion to Believer, she’s off to a good start.

Tosha is no stranger to running a business; she also owns a financial consulting agency. She values the OnDoc opportunity because she loves sharing knowledge and helping people. “I definitely believe in the product, and there’s nothing like your own testimony” to share with potential Members.

She’s used OnDoc services several times, including having a doctor FaceTime her daughter, away at college, to diagnose a spider bite and call in a prescription — a true convenience when frantic mom was miles away!

Tosha loves spending quality time, such as exercising or playing soccer, with her family and her friends, 

and also enjoys volunteering her time with seniors.  She’s looking forward to a bright future with OnDoc: “I am fired out about the opportunity to value my time, enjoy positive vibes, and I’m ready to hustle for success!”