Veronica Somerville – Believer

Veronica Somerville is passionate about healthcare. This passion and enthusiasm played a big part in helping her become one of OnDoc’s newest Believers. With a recently earned master’s degree from Pfeiffer University, Veronica currently works in healthcare administration while she pursues her career at OnDoc.

She first heard about the business opportunity from her friend, Achiever Veronica Hall. After a sit-down with Robert Wilson and a few other teammates, “I was all in!” says Veronica. “It fell right in line with my passion for healthcare and helping people. The culture, the family atmosphere, was what really sold me.”

And for her, it’s a family affair: her parents and younger sister are also OnDoc members.

“They’re super supportive in this journey I’m taking with OnDoc,” says Veronica. Veronica loves how OnDoc makes healthcare more accessible to those who need it, and, on a personal note, how it helps allays her own health concerns. “Doctors Online has been wonderful,” says this self-proclaimed hypochondriac.

“Whenever something happens to me, I’m always going to Google and researching, and by the time I make it to the doctor I’m already convinced I’m going to die! With Doctors Online, I can consult a specialist and sometimes within minutes they’ll respond to me and give me some peace of mind.”

Veronica has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, but she says that her work with OnDoc has given her the confidence to take the first steps to pursuing a long-held dream of starting a nonprofit to mentor and help young girls.

Veronica, who lives in Charlotte, is also very involved in her church and she loves to hike and travel, especially internationally.